Aging in Place Qualifications

Qualifying for Aging in Place

Who we serve:

Applicants must be homeowners meeting the following criteria:

  1. Establish the need for repair/modification
    1. Must be 65 or older
    2. Modification is within program scope – not available through another provider due to cost burden
    3. Must own their home and current property insurance and taxes
  2. Possess the ability to pay
    1. Household income is between 30-80% of Area Median Income, AMI
    2. Repayment for repairs is based on a sliding fee scale
    3. Repayment not to exceed 30% of household income
    4. Debt-to -income ratio not to exceed 41%
  3. Willingness to partner
    1. Be present onsite during the project (unless special circumstances)
    2. Lived in the property for at least one year
    3. Be a partner with other organizations as deemed appropriate or necessary

AIP Process

  1. Homeowner fills out application online or prints and mails it to our offices
  2. HFHSCMN and other partner agency interview and conduct a needs assessment
  3. Application review and, if exceeding the $5,500 maximum for special circumstances, presentation to the Family Services Committee and Construction Committee for approval
  4. Completion of documents (Partnership Agreement, insurance, mortgage, taxes, medical expenses, signed promissory note) with the assistance of HFHSCMN program staff
  5. Participation with HFHSCMN and completion of a survey following project completion


  1. Proof of ownership
  2. Proof of current insurance and tax-statements
  3. Proof of additional receipts (medical if requested)


<30% Material Cost & sub-contractor costs 0% over 6 years


31% - 50% Materials, sub-contractor, and 10% admin 0% over 6 years
51% - 65% All costs including construction management 0% over 5 years
66% - 80% All costs and 10% admin fee.  May add the 10% to the $5,000 max loan 0% over 3 years


Repayment terms are based on affordability of the homeowner.  A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed prior to project start which allows the work to be completed and permission for release of information with partner organizations.

If you believe you qualify based off the above information, please click this button to be taken to the AIP Pre-Application.

AIP Pre-Application