Tanzania Partnership

Tanzania Partnership

Photo credit: Annie Spratt/Unsplash

In accordance with Habitat’s quality assurance guidelines, all domestic Habitat affiliates agree to participate in a tithing partnership with an international affiliate of their choice. The South Central Minnesota affiliate selected an international tithing community shortly after its founding in 1990.

Stan and Marie Benson, active members of the St. Peter partnering community, suggested Tanzania. The couple dedicated 30 years of their lives to fighting poverty and substandard housing in Tanzania. A single house sponsorship in Tanzania currently costs $4,500. This can provide a single-family with a two to three bedroom home. Designs of these homes are quite different than those of a domestic home in the U.S. Solid foundations made of cement floors and screened windows are key features to block out infectious mosquitoes.

Since launching the partnership in 1990, the affiliate has been able to contribute over $235,000 to the Tanzania affiliate, assisting over 90 families in need of simple, decent and affordable housing.

Habitat for Humanity of South Central Minnesota looks forward to further fighting poverty by building sustainable homes, communities and hope on a global scale, as well as locally.

Make a difference, near or far.

If you are interested in supporting the Tanzania partnership or the South Central Minnesota affiliate specifically, please visit our Donate Now page or contact us.