Position: ReStore Sales and Merchandise Associate

Reports to:  ReStore Manager

Qualifications High School diploma or equivalent required, college degree preferred. Retail experience desired.

Requirements/Skills: Responsible for day-to-day type retail related responsibilities and operations of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore of South Central Minnesota. Must have very good “customer service and people skills”, be able to work effectively and sensitively with a diverse group of people, and the ability to represent and have an understanding of our Christian organization is required. Ability to handle money, make change, change paper in register and credit card machine. Needs to be organized and able to merchandise ever-changing inventory in existing space. Must be able to work with and direct long and short term volunteers.

Familiarity with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and Word are desirable. Good communication skills (both verbal and written) are necessary.  Must be willing to learn all aspects of the ReStore including merchandising product, cashiering, volunteer assistance, assistance with donations including pick up of donations. A valid driver’s license required.

Hours: 35-40 hours/week

Tuesdays – Saturdays

Sales and Merchandise Associate Job responsibilities include:

1 - Merchandising

            Keep store merchandised properly, making sure shelves are organized and shopable, and aisles clear of product. Making sure all product is priced and like items are together   including items with multiple pieces. Facilitating the logical and attractive display of    merchandise.

2- Customer Service

Job will include helping customers with questions and assisting with merchandise. Help provide supervision of volunteers, clarifying policies, resolving disputes, answering phone, greeting customers.

3 – Cashier assistance

Covering cash register when needed, facilitation checkout, helping customers with loading merchandise.      

4 – Manager on Duty

            Sales and Merchandise associate will develop sufficient knowledge of store operations to serve as Manager on Duty (primary “go to” person for volunteers and customers).  Also will be responsible for opening and closing store from time to time.

5 – Volunteer coordination

            Add jobs to daily list

Supervise and facilitate utilization of volunteers.

Help volunteers sign up for work, check-in/out on computer if necessary.

6 – Routine cleaning –

Assist with overall store cleanliness.

7 – Office assistance

Make in-store promotional signs, price tags, etc. as needed

8 - Safety

Keep an eye out for potential safety hazards and eliminate them or bring them to the

attention of someone who can.

Look out for the safety of other paid and volunteer staff.


To apply, please send a resume to Jeff at or apply on Indeed.