Your Gift Offers Opportunity

With your support, you join the Habitat movement to provide decent, affordable housing but more importantly opportunities for families through homeownership!

Other Ways to Give

Donate Now

Planned Giving

Unlike a cash gift, a planned gift is typically made from assets in your estate, rather than from disposable income, and comes to fruition after your lifetime.


When organizations donate goods or services, those donations are considered gifts-in-kind.

Corporate Giving

Habitat offers businesses a variety of sponsorships to help businesses support the local economy through homeownership.

Employer Matches

Many U.S. businesses offer donation matching for eligible non-profit organizations. You can check with your company or take a look at our list.

Real Estate

Donate a home or land parcel and help Habitat with the first step in the building process! By making a gift of real estate, the donation provides you with tax-benefits while making a personal impact for local families.

MN Housing Tax Credit

The new State Housing Tax Credit Program and Contribution Fund allows taxpayers to invest in housing across the state. When you contribute, you support housing for all Minnesotans and can qualify for a state tax credit of 85% of your contribution!

When you give a one-time or recurring gift, you create and preserve homeownership for local families.


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